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We design and develop mobile apps that delight our users. Enterprise-grade development combined with outstanding design.

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    Mobile Development

    We design and develop innovative, robust and professional mobile applications that delight users, for both platforms iOS and Android.

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    Design and UX

    We design elegant, usable custom interfaces and experiences informed by user needs and behaviours. From rapid prototyping and interaction design to service design and user experience strategy.

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    Quality Assurance

    We make sure that bugs, mistakes, and potential risks of our apps are addressed at an early stage of the development process.

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    Modern Technology

    We use a modern technology stack based on Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, as well as any specific components required for our project.

Apps Available on App Store

Selfie Camera HD
Amazing camera app which lets you take excellent high quality pictures and videos.
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Tafayor Antivirus
It protects you against potentially harmful apps that may contain viruses and malwares.
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AppWatch helps you find what app is causing random pop-up ads on your screen.
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It lets you close all running apps at once by a simple touch, it saves battery power and improves performance.
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It hibernates apps by closing all running apps and preventing the apps from relaunching automatically.
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Automatic Scroll
It allows you to scroll automatically and easily the content on your screen by a simple tap on the widget.
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Lockeye is an Anti-theft alarm that secures your phone by monitoring the attempts of screen unlock..
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Screenshot Blocker
This app protects your privacy by preventing intruders and viruses from taking screenshots on your phone.
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Eradoo will let you erase all your phone data remotely when your device is lost or stolen, and without internet connection.
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Apps in Testing Stage

AppShut lets you close running apps, with the ability to choose which apps to close.
Force Stop Apps
It lets you close all running apps with a more modern user interface.
Typing Control
This app lets you use your volume keys to undo and redo text edits and also move the cursor in any text field.
Cache Cleaner
A powerful cleaner that deletes all junk files by clearing the cache, and hence it frees up storage space.

Apps Still in Development

Bonanza finder map
Get a real-time navigation map and unbelievable discounts around all Canadian cities. You can customize the advertisement popup messages to your favorite items and stores.
IPhone-IPhone talki-walki
Imagine that you are running out of credits or no satellite connection are available. This application provides you with a direct connection to all your contacts using the new iPhone brand.
Iphone-TV Streaming Pro
This application is a reliable and easy to use screen streaming tool from your iPhone to all commercial TVs in fast speed and high image quality including those with a big screen.
Green VPN
A secure, fast and free VPN to help you protect online privacy.
Simple File Manager
A super quick & professional file explorer, folder manager and content transfer app.
Fast Call Recorder
The complete solution for phone call recording. It records all your incoming & outgoing daily calls in high quality.
Light Barcode Reader
A modern QR code scanner and barcode scanner with all the features you need.
24h Weather
An app That gives the details about the current weather.